Wow!  I learned more than I ever wanted to know about maintenance while visiting my auto dealership.  My car has 130,000 miles after ten years of minimum maintenance and the Service Tech had to refrain from saying, “I told you so”.  My maintenance expense was $3,000 to replace brakes, sludge in the brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil pan, battery and more! The condition of my old faithful and fully paid car was so bad, I had to trade her in.

I guess if my car has 130,000 miles on her after 10 years, I must have 780,000 miles after 60 years; a cliche comes to mind, “rode hard and put up wet”!  Kimberly Snyder speaks of sludge during detox and I am grateful I have not been traded in for a new model, but have a wonderful opportunity to get the maintenance I need! (I promise to treat my new Hybrid better, too!)

Forge ahead!

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