B12 Deficiency Site — All about B12 deficiency, symptoms & treatment options

B12 Deficiency Site — All about B12 deficiency, symptoms & treatment options.


Beach vacation was cold and wet, not from splashing in waves, but running from rain.  No worries, retail therapy saved the day and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute until one afternoon a strange dizziness and tiredness overcame my sunshiny disposition and I lay on a bench (not the beach)  while my husband jogged the boardwalk.

I packed my Vitamix, veggies, fruits, and supplements and expected to eat at two restaurants catering to vegans to continue my vegan commitment.  Unfortunately, the restaurants closed Monday-Thursday in prep for Memorial Day.  Therefore, I ate seafood at alternate restaurants and thought my symptoms evolved from seafood toxins.  I was wrong.

Seems we humans must have B-12; without it we may die.  However, B-12 ONLY comes from animal products, including dairy, meats, fish, and eggs.  So my question is, if humans were intended to be vegetarians as  implied by our anatomy-long colon and flat teeth-then why do we need animal by-products?

I started taking liquid B-12 supplement about two weeks ago, then learned the difference between cyanocobalamin and metylcobalamin B-12 and switched to the latter in form of a pill that dissolves under the tongue.  Still, I developed symptoms determined to thwart my vacation. 

Did I have a B-12 deficiency long before my vegan debut?  Do I  efficiently absorb B-12?  Has permanent damage already occurred?  Will I continue my vegan journey?  A visit to my doctor will help answer these questions.  I just wish I had known at the beginning of my vegan quest what I know now about B-12.

I hope my experience will help you on your journey.

To your health,