Are you working when you want to retire and are you hoping against all hope no one will hire you?  Yet, you need money.  Have obligations to family. 

You are tired.  Others depend on you and see your visits to gym, beach stays, and best dining-well, extravagant.   Really, it does not matter how long you have worked.  All that matters is the new 60 is 40 and the government decides retirement age. Yet, you know it’s hard to get a job in your 60s, especially one that utilizes all your skills and expertise.  Sure, you could be a politician and be President at the height of your decline, but not many get an Administration of bright young people to make them look good! 

Tell me your experience…

To your health,



I am back.  Since March 2013  I returned to the workforce and gradually stopped exercising, blogging, eating well, and I stopped writing. I stopped.  I thought I could hold my breath for 6 months, but it has been a year and added now another 6 months and maybe more.

My birthday year 65.

Off track.  Depressed. 

At some point working just costs too much.  At some point.

To your health.