Novel in Process

Fifteen years old and delivering my first public reading assignment to a class of health students in Waco, Texas  was nerve-wracking and exhilarating.  Knees buckled as I held on to the teacher’s podium and tried to calm my quavering voice.  “Hello, my name is Claudia.”  I paused for effect. Then, “Hello?”  Pause. “I said, ‘hello’.”  Finally, a room full of disinterested, unfocused teens came to life realizing they were asked to participate, to acknowledge the girl from the orphanage standing in front of them.  Like a band director, I waived my arms and in unison, for just this one time, they spoke to me with a resounding, “Hello.”

I finished my speech, “I hate snobs.”

Reading no further, I handed my one page paper to the teacher and sat down.  No, I was not going to tell them more about me, about why I was in an orphanage, what it was like to live behind a gilded cage, or what demons possessed my black heart.  Screw them.

Until now.  If they want to know me they can buy my novel, In the Absence of God.   I pour my dark soul between pages of fiction and reality, for them to figure out which is which.  Now I tell all and my knees are not buckling.

Novel coming soon,



Originally designed for health and nutrition my blog is taking a turn.  Although fully vested in health and nutrition, there is more.  I hope there is more.

This time I will not define my destination but will keep an open mind and enjoy the journey.

Happy trails,


Life after 60!

Employment after age sixty is challenging and hard not to believe discrimination is a factor, but today I got confirmation it is alive and well. I attended a required Maryland seminar; not attending threatened certain denial of unemployment benefits. I prepared my forms and documented my job search as instructed and went to the address provided. It was the wrong address, leaving 10-20 people nervously clamoring to get to the correct location. After paying for parking at one location I had problems with the magnetic strip on my debit card and could not pay again and towing was enforced. Good Samaritans pooled dimes and quarters and paid my due just in time for me to sit in on the first half required lecture. During the break, staff asked if anyone was over sixty, which I am. I took my two inches of documentation, Excel spreadsheet, and colorful printouts to the messenger where I was given a waiver. If one is over sixty the state of Maryland does not require job search to collect UI benefits. I can only assume the state knows discrimination is real, laws cannot protect seniors, and we are too old to hire. So what is the use of trying? Until now I never felt old and in our society I wonder if it is downhill from here. So, I am going to cry a few tears of indignation and when I come back, burn that damn waiver!


Exploring food prep ways and whys proved challenging during the past six months, however a theory emerged. There seems to be four ways to prepare plant based foods: raw, juiced, blended, and cooked.

Raw foods are not heated over 115 degrees, are often shaped into familiar foods like cheese, meats,  pies, and cookies. Raw foods (other than salads or fresh from the garden) are prepared in processors, blenders, and dehydrators;  the latter can take up to twenty four hours prep time.  Dried fruits and veggies make a great snack when eating fresh off the vine is not practical. Chewing and digestion is harder than juicing or blending. My favorite raw preparation is trail mixes, otherwise, I have an Excalibur sitting idle.

Maybe I will use my Excalibur during the winter months when keeping my house cool is not such an issue.  Otherwise, as I mentioned in earlier posts, eating look-alike and taste-alike cheeses and meats is not appealing to me.

Juicing requires fresh everything and when buying in large quantities and freezing what cannot be used, juicing is not possible.  It takes a special masticating juicer to get kale to give up her juice; I had a Breville but hated loosing the benefits of seeded fruit; the seeds in strawberries time-releases sugar preventing a blood sugar spike. However, I am convinced juicing is the best, purest, and fastest way to get nutrients to the body and the digestive system loves juice! Light, no bloating, easy in and easy out!  Best ever for illness and ailments.

Blending with a good blender is the easiest way to get fiber and mix liquids into one’s drink. Bloating can be a side effect and taking MAG07 and probiotics was essential for me.

I found cooking is best for veggies like sweet potatoes, whole grains, and legumes but in general, cooking reduces nutrients and cooked foods are harder to digest.

I incorporate  combination of all methods throughout the day:  Juice in order to keep digestion light in the morning, saving energy for all we do (  Blend at lunch.  Eat raw and cook at night and enjoy a juice with dinner.

May our journey make yours a little easier,