Confessions of a Fitness Nut

I cheat.

Yes, I do.

Here is my list of confessions from last week:

  1. I only worked out one time
  2. I will not swim in an unheated pool
  3. I drank wine (vacation!)
  4. I ate an ice cream dip (Mother’s Day walk in Annapolis!)
  5. I tasted chocolate fudge (Mother’s Day)
  6. I ordered grilled chicken wings (but sent them back when I realized they were fried!)
  7. I sometimes skip lunch and just snack
  8. I do not like weight bearing exercise
  9. I do not like to sweat except in yoga
  10. I clench my teeth

In spite of my imperfections and occasional lapses in perfection, I lost 20 pounds in less than four months, I look less stressed (but those clenching teeth tell me I am still detoxing), and I keep getting better.

The point is, I do not fall of the wagon and give up.  I even give myself permission to regress occasionally. So what?  I used to be so regimented with dieting and routine that all fun and flexibility disappeared and eventually I crashed.  I learned to be kind, gentle, less critical and more accepting of myself.

I used to set myself up to fail, my expectations were so high and demands unrealistic.  What about you?  Ever done that?  Are you doing it now?

To your health,


Consistency Pays

Weight fluctuation not a problem for me; without any changes to my diet or routine my weight dropped to its low 139.5 after shooting up to 144.5 pounds.   I have learned how important it is to keep routine when traveling and to keep hydrated in order to maintain weight and overall well-being.

Hubby also gained while on weekend vacation, but dropped to an all time low within 48 hours of returning to his routine.  Crazy!  He has lost 28.5 pounds since we started this journey just a few weeks ago and his blood pressure is normal after a very scary period of high blood pressure.

To my new readers, we are using Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution as a guide.  Recipes are the only exceptions I made to her detox guide and I have to give credit to some awesome Vegan Chefs for great healthy and inspiring variety for our menu!  Take a look at my link to Pinterest on the Recipes and More tab to view my favorite chefs’ recipes.

The best lesson we learned is we cannot lose weight by dieting.  Gotta eat to live, not live to eat.

Have a great day,



Stress is a killer.  Stress attacks the body, heart, and soul over and over until we die. I was her victim most of my life, yet on the outside, I maintained  healthy but fluctuating body weight and youthful skin.  I attribute that to genes and not my diet or regiment or healthcare.  Then, I hit my fifties and over the past decade, I saw and felt Stress’  impact on my life.  My skin did not glow, my eyes were dull, and I felt tired and haggard.

I tried different things to counteract stress, including drinking wine, exercising sometimes, and avoiding certain foods.  It was not until I embraced healthy food and exercise as Healers that I started reversing Stress’ damage.  Although much stress was relieved when I stopped working, I gained new stresses and still had to deal with the battered condition of my health.

Each of us can make a decision to ignore our health, get fat, loose our muscles, and we can call it retirement, but at some point someone will have to take care of us because we did not take care of ourselves.  But why do we want to be on medication, have surgery, have heart attacks, fall, break bones, and look old?  Yet, so many of us choose that path when there is so much guidance and assistance and information available to us.

I look at some of my followers’ profiles and I know some are seeking information and others want to be a resource and this is just one woman’s small blog!  There are so many resources!  Stress does not need to win this battle, we are better that that!  Reach out and get informed, make a decision, get a trainer if you can, hook up with a nutionalist if you can, but DO SOMETHING positive to live a happier healthier life.

Whatever you do today is a choice, why not make it a good one?

Take care,



Okay, I was raised with a lot of no nos regarding the potty so we will not talk Number Two here, except to ask if you potty trained your children or if you were potty trained to go, get up, and look?  And did you say, “Good Girl” or “Good Boy” when you observed the potty deposit?

Yep, that is what I am talking about.  We have to know what our #2 is telling us about our digestive system, our diet, and our health.  I think Dr. Oz and Kimberly Snyder have great extensive explanations of the subject, which I never thought I would discuss publicly until I first heard Dr. Oz on Oprah years ago when she broke out into song, “Tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles”!

I had another couple of icky days and I know part of my problem is I do not drink enough water with my new high fiber diet.  However, I write this as I dutifully sip my coconut water.

For more details visit these sites.

Nurture Thyself, Caretaker!

Don’t you love it when the flight attendant reminds adult caretakers to put his/her own oxygen mask on before assisting children?  Good sense, huh?  But do we apply that in our daily lives?

My husband is doing so much better than I am on our almost vegan quest.  I ask myself “Why?” and I do not like my answer.  I take better care of my husband than I do myself.  Most of my focus has been on his conditions, his hunger, his needs, and his likes.  I just take the leftovers.

After making a Glowing Green Smoothie (Kimberly Snyder) in the morning, I start packing hubby’s lunch which consists of a fabulous salad, the perfect combination of greens, sprouts, and colorful veggies.  Then I make a packet of nutritional yeast, flax seed, Himalayan salt, pepper, and chai seeds.  I measure Apple Cider vinegar and grape seed oil in a separate container.  He gets 4 peppermints just because I love him and he loves them!  If he is working late, I make a protein smoothie with chia and hemp protein.

As for me, lunch is whatever is handy, which is usually avocado, dates, maybe a nori wrap and some crackers with hot pepper spread.  Result?  I gained back two pounds and I am tired.  I cannot say all is lost, because I see many benefits from the changes in my diet, but I have gotten lazy when it comes to self care.

Starting NOW I remember to secure my oxygen mask first.