Fitness encompasses more than physicality.  Foods, environment, lifestyle, mental, and emotional aspects equally impact daily life.  And working out without peace is like cake without icing.

Pumping iron, running,  swimming, or yoga cannot make a person whole.  The connection to inner quiet is essential.  Like a perfectly iced cake, peace rushes through the blood, floods the nervous system,  and is euphoric. And like good icing, it is fleeting.  So sweat and pant.  Then take time to acknowledge your effort and hard work.  Consider your good fortune and ride the wave as gratitude secrets ecstasy endorphins   Bliss.  No worries.  Carefree. Peace!

Now you are ready for your icing!  Have a green smoothie, salad, fruits,  vegetables, and plenty of water!  You deserve it!

To your health,



After six months a wrong dental diagnosis led to pain treated with high doses of OTC pain meds. That caused high liver enzymes which led to recommendation to cease supplements and pain meds. I n less than a month the liver was fine, but aches overtook body. I complained my bones ached. WHY? Remember those supplements? I stopped taking B12 and vitamin D3, which gave me many symptoms attributed to deficiency.

I did a lot of things wrong, trying to assure my liver recovered. Sudden withdrawal is never recommened.

Also, if we need D and B12 that comes from dairy and meat, then why is being vegetarian and dairy free optimum? D is absorbed after after acid in stomach breaks it down. A vegetarian diet is alkaline. Dairy is acidic. Mmmmmmm……


Last year was a year of change and progress starting with career, dietary changes, weight loss, health benefits, and exercise.  I embraced gray hair, cut it short, and last week colored it again!  I reconnected with childhood friends and family.  Finally, writing a novel I expect to publish by June 2013 tops my list of accomplishments! 

Until now, I had not realized how much I have changed.  Usually focus on struggles and failures overshadow successes.  By the end of this year, I will be a published author.  I will continue pursuing and maintaining good health, including a plant based diet, juicing, and exercise.  However, I will focus more on mental and emotional health, including self esteem and healing wounds.

There is no magical formula to execute change.  For me, it began with a decision.  I decided to do these things, then I did them.

What about you?  What have you always wanted to do?

Well, do it.

Happy New Year,