Hi, I am sixty-something and committed to good health, living a purposeful life, exploring talents, and giving back by sharing lessons learned and struggles overcome.  This blog started single focused on health, but since accepting a forced early retirement, old passions are emerging.

Writing.  I must write and publish.

Connecting.  I must have purpose, friends, and connection.

Does one need a clearly defined destination with road maps and  pit stops planned, or is it possible to live one day at a time, disciplined, but  receptive and aware?

Letting others in and knocking on doors,


Disclaimer: The comments, recipes, links and recommendations are strictly conversation and not meant to be medical or nutritional or psychological advice.  I am not licensed in any such capacity.  This is my journey and it is my desire to share my experiences and motivate others to pursue his/her own journey.

2 responses

  1. Glad to have found you and your blog. I got here via Rantings of an Amateur Chef. I’m 60+ as well and struggling to regain my health, get my weight under control and stay on top of my diabetes. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • My hubby and I had similar problems and within two weeks or less we saw tremendous improvement using Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty detox; I looked into it for aesthetic reasons, hoping for anti-aging recipes, which I found. However, I rediscovered what we always knew, beauty comes from within.

      My hubby has last stages of an autoimmune disease and at the same time I was looking into Beauty Detox, we discovered Montel Williams plan to regain his energy and health after finding out he has MS.

      Emma, stay in touch and let us all know about your progress. Remember to check with your doctor and use common sense. I made radical changes and do not regret it one bit, although I am learning to cook or uncook all over!

      Best wishes,

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