How can I speak to you about love, life, or happiness if I do not speak of food?  We are what we eat.  Or drink.  No matter what we eat, if we consume alcohol or other drugs in excess, we will not thrive in any areas of life.  Otherwise, if we are sober and eat well and live well, we will know joy.

Watch TED website and watch the gamer speak of post trauma achievements and one’s  near death regrets.

As to food… I am convinced vegetarian and raw vegetables and fruits are humankind’s only acceptable diet.  We are the only species that cooks food… why?  Because we are the only species eating food not suitable to our digestive systems for raw consumption.  We are the only species that cook vegetables and fruits.  WHY?  Gastronomical orgasms.  Butter, spice, grease, breading, boiling, broiling, braising, frying, and many other methods and dousing assure once living whole foods taste good although dead.

I am fortunate to have great appliances; VITAMIX, EXCALIBUR, and GREEN STAR-juicer.   If I did not have these appliances, I think I would eat apples, bananas, broccoli, spinach, beets, strawberries in natural form.  Otherwise, I blend, juice, and dehydrate.

I do cook sweet potatoes.  I understand sweet potatoes are otherwise harder to digest.  I cook grains and legumes.

So, what benefits do I see?

Since February 2012 my hubby lost 40 pounds.  I lost 30 pounds.  He is a medical miracle.  I am struggling.  Weight is one thing.   Health is another.

I cannot stop one bad habit…

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