Change it Up

Swimming laps rapidly became my easy in and out routine; no equipment needed and basically painless.  I grew lazy and tried to fool myself that I worked out.  Sure, swimming three times a week is good, but I know it is not great.  I need more.

I added Yoga and my aquatics workout to my weekly routine.  Result?  I am sore because I work muscles I did not use in swimming.  I also discovered less boredom and greater anticipation of the next day’s workout, instead of fighting excuses not to go.

Yeah, variety is the spice of life.  

To your health,


Keys to Turning On

I am enjoying my new Hybrid car, especially at the gas pump!  Another feature I particularly like is the keyless entry and driving; just walk up to the door with key in pocket and PRESTO the door opens.  Push a button and ZOOM the motor turns on.  It is fascinating to see how responsive this vehicle is, but I cannot say as much for my house.  In autopilot zone I approached my front door with key in pocket, but nothing happened as I stood puzzled staring at the unresponsive door.

That is how my body was at the gym; I was all geared up to work out but forgot a KEY component!  I skipped my Glowing Green Smoothie and opted for a quick apple as I dashed out the door and by the 8th lap in the pool, I started that downward spiral self-talk.  You all know the VOICE, “What are you pushing yourself for?  You don’t feel good, maybe you should slow down.  You can catch up tomorrow.”

I dragged myself out of the pool, not caring if anyone saw me step from the water to the 3 foot step without hands, I was not in the mood to show off, I just wanted to go home and wonder why my front door does not open.

I know the key to a good workout or even a day of work is to be properly fueled to get optimum performance.  I know.

Next lap,