After six months a wrong dental diagnosis led to pain treated with high doses of OTC pain meds. That caused high liver enzymes which led to recommendation to cease supplements and pain meds. I n less than a month the liver was fine, but aches overtook body. I complained my bones ached. WHY? Remember those supplements? I stopped taking B12 and vitamin D3, which gave me many symptoms attributed to deficiency.

I did a lot of things wrong, trying to assure my liver recovered. Sudden withdrawal is never recommened.

Also, if we need D and B12 that comes from dairy and meat, then why is being vegetarian and dairy free optimum? D is absorbed after after acid in stomach breaks it down. A vegetarian diet is alkaline. Dairy is acidic. Mmmmmmm……

Transitioning to Plant Based Diet

Cutting dairy and animal protein, exploring vegan, and experimenting with raw led to frenzy-research, buying, and preparing. Vitamix and Excalibur joined the appliance family overpowering Kitchen Aid mixer and barely nodding to coffee pot.

Twenty-two jars, four bowls, a fifty-five gallon Coleman, and countless green storage bags joined two four feet industrial shelves.

Five new cookbooks, a cookbook holder, Pinterest, and a blog gave me unlimited learning opportunities and hours and hours of study. What did I learn?

Less is best. Simple is underrated. Eating a raw plant based diet eliminates cravings, therefore learning to make nuts into cheeses and fruit into ice cream, and nuts and soy into meat proved unnecessary. We no longer crave meat, want cheese, or need dessert. If I want a nut, I eat a nut and it does not have to taste like anything but a nut. Really!

I appreciate all the wonderful chefs and cooks who pour heart and soul into new ways to make old recipes, but for me, for now, I will keep it simple.

To your health,