Getting Started

The hardest step to a healthier life is getting started.  For me getting started was a matter of choice to either get fit and enjoy these final years of my life, or let myself go and regret all I could not do for myself.  When I look back over each decade of my life, I realize how wonderful being in good health was.  However, I chose a career and motherhood over my personal interests.  Now I have an opportunity to pursue those interests, my time belongs to me, so why would I want to be too unhealthy to enjoy it?

Therefore, the first step in being healthier is a decision.  I first thought about re-connecting to my spiritual self, meditate, say profound things, smile, and be kind.  That was hard because I felt terrible, my concentration was nil, my memory shot, my body ached and I had no energy.  I relied on a daily dose of wine to ease my pains, reward my misery, and escape my reality and when two glasses became three, why not drink the fourth?

I recently semi-retired (that is another story!), but my husband still works and he takes medications for poly myalgia, which caused weight gain and a plethora of other maladies.  Together, we were a mess, moping around the house-well, no, sitting around the house in front of IPad and television and simply growing old.

Then, one day, I made a decision to Get Started  with a better life.

Join me on this journey!  Together we can inspire and learn from one another and continue to amaze past and future generations with the awesome determination of Baby Boomers!