Pain and Food

Yep, I have arthritis, osteoporosis, and degenerating disc disease but they do not have me! My back has given me grief for decades and about six years ago I was diagnosed with all these painful diseases; at last I could name my demons.

I thought about using them as a excuse not to walk or run or swim, but the thought of giving up or giving in to disease was more painful. I realize my fitness journey started many years ago and I surprise myself with how far I have come. What else surprises me is how often I got derailed. Now that is just not an option.

Now I know certain foods actually help relieve pain. Real Age has a good article that explains some of the benefits of certain pain fighting foods. I don’t ascribe to dairy or soy or a lot of olive oil, but they are easily replaceable. Grape seed oil has better fats than olive oil. Soy messes with my thyroid (yea, have thyroid disease too). I always gain weight when I use soy or dairy, but Almond Milk is a great alternative.

Otherwise a diet rich in greens and veggies and fruits help make those aches and pains subside.

Good news, I reversed osteoporosis and regained 1/2″ in lost height after just one year of aquatics. I cannot wait to see how much more I heal myself with a greater commitment, a vegan diet (I will eat salmon), and more yoga and aquatics.

It’s a journey.