Life after 60!

Employment after age sixty is challenging and hard not to believe discrimination is a factor, but today I got confirmation it is alive and well. I attended a required Maryland seminar; not attending threatened certain denial of unemployment benefits. I prepared my forms and documented my job search as instructed and went to the address provided. It was the wrong address, leaving 10-20 people nervously clamoring to get to the correct location. After paying for parking at one location I had problems with the magnetic strip on my debit card and could not pay again and towing was enforced. Good Samaritans pooled dimes and quarters and paid my due just in time for me to sit in on the first half required lecture. During the break, staff asked if anyone was over sixty, which I am. I took my two inches of documentation, Excel spreadsheet, and colorful printouts to the messenger where I was given a waiver. If one is over sixty the state of Maryland does not require job search to collect UI benefits. I can only assume the state knows discrimination is real, laws cannot protect seniors, and we are too old to hire. So what is the use of trying? Until now I never felt old and in our society I wonder if it is downhill from here. So, I am going to cry a few tears of indignation and when I come back, burn that damn waiver!