I never understood gratitude until now.  Gratitude expresses itself through grace and kindness.

My morning started with a warm cup of lemon water and I am grateful I no longer need coffee (although I treat myself to a cup every now and then).  Then I made my Glowing Green Smoothie and drank the whole thing while I ordered Chia Seeds from The Chia Company.  I wish I could describe how beautifully green this drink is and because I am fortunate to have a great blender (VitaMix), my smoothie was like whip cream!

I made a beautiful salad for my husband’s lunch and the colors popped like a work of art!  Adding shredded red cabbage, red peppers, and carrots make the greens gorgeous and I know he will enjoy the sprouts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and apple cider vinegar (I only use apple cider with “mother”, Braggs is a good brand).

My own lunch was like stolen treasure.  Tomato wedges heated just a bit, avocado slices, fresh basil, grape-seed oil and a pine nut butter that tastes like cheese!  YUM

I wanted to make my own sauerkraut, well I did, but I was afraid to eat it!  Eating live enzymes has so many benefits, so I bought Kimchi instead.  I hope it tastes better and is a suitable substitute.

Exercise today is two mile walk, hey maybe you will be the one I smile at today!

For the time being, go to and see the recipes I use and look Kimberly Snyder up, as well.  Her book, The Beauty Detox is what I am following.  I don’t eat anything or do anything that there is not a reason for doing when it comes to food. Remember, it is not a diet, but healthy food choices, that’s all.

It saddens me to think of starvation and malnutrition in our world and I am so grateful for the abundant organic foods that bless my health.  I know I am fortunate.