Dr. Joel Fuhrman Improves Health – Lose Weight Naturally | Reverse Diabetes | Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer | Lower Cholesterol

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Improves Health – Lose Weight Naturally | Reverse Diabetes | Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer | Lower Cholesterol.


False promises, misinformation, fads, opinions—there is no shortage when it comes to health, fitness, and diet.  Linked with convincing  negative thoughts the perfect excuse to do nothing takes root and gives disease fertile ground.

I am discouraged and frustrated that friends and family, unhealthy, in pain, overweight, and dying will not listen and act on information about food’s impact on their lives.  An uncle with MS, a sick overweight aunt, a sister with multiple health issues—WILL NOT LISTEN!

It is not easy to learn about nutrition or to learn how to prepare foods properly.  I get it.  I even volunteered to live-in for a week, to be a diet buddy, I created this blog and load great plant based recipes on Pinterest.  My family will not read my blogs.

However, I carry a torch for Dr. Fuhrman whose link is in this post. Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution is my health foundation and I want to at least try to tell people about what I know works.

Do you want a solution or are you making excuses?


To your health,


Starting over

My brain contains data of useless information along with 45 years of recipes.  Starting over and re-thinking food, learning what to eat, what not to eat, and then how to prepare foods raw, minimally cooked, or how to combine foods correctly is a major undertaking.  I took home economics classes throughout high school, lived with some of the best cooks of the day, and was head cook in my orphanage dorm when I was 15 years old.  So, why didn’t someone teach me I was doing it all wrong?

Most of my time now is spent learning what to eat, what to buy, how to combine foods, and how to prepare them.  I have to say, clean up is easier than scraping burned meat from a roasting pan, scrubbing a pot after making mashed potatoes, or discarding grease after frying something!  Knives, cutting boards, blender, and storage containers are my new allies in my vegan campaign.  

Learning not to count anything, calories or carbs, is like a new lease on life.  Oh, eating the most beautiful mousse made from beets and coconut milk is just one treat that made me feel guilty, but pounds are falling off every day for me and hubby.  I am not dieting and have no intention of doing so ever again, but I am focused on being healthy, looking healthy, and having energy; weight loss is just a natural side-effect.

Working out is no longer a chore, but a treat.  I am beginning to feel cheated if I cannot go to the gym everyday,  For me aquatics is the therapy I need for what I believe could be pain I could not cope with.

Yeah, I am really loving life!





Be Prepared

Maintenance Day at the auto dealer revealed more to me about taking care of myself.  The plan that day was to take the old car in and get a loaner and return home, instead, I was there all day with no food.  My old car was so far gone, I traded her in for a new one.

I arrived at 9:00 am after drinking my GGS (Kimberly Snyder) and once at the dealership, I drank a cup of coffee with non-dairy cream (what is that stuff?).  Around 10:30 a.m. I ate an apple provided in the guest lounge (nice dealership!).   By 2:00 p.m. I turned ice cold and felt shaky and asked for food; the sales person bought me a bag of salty, greasy peanuts which I greedily woofed down.  My body turned warm and I thought everything was good, but in less than an hour I had a headache and stomach ache.  The rest of my day was shot.

Moral to the story, be prepared.  Eating well and regularly seems to condition the body to expect excellence.  It is a little like driving a luxury automobile and trading her in for hybrid, I know I expect more from my new little car than she can deliver, just as my body expected more from its nutrition than I could deliver because I was not prepared.

Go to http://www.pincrest.com and visit my Health and Beauty board for great food ideas.