Last week headaches and side effects caused by clinching my teeth took me out of the loop!  Misery loves company, but not in this case, I just curled up and babied myself so when I went to the pool today, I did not expect much from myself, thinking I needed to gradually obtain my previous benchmark of 16 laps.

To my delight, swimming was easier than ever and I hit 22 laps, all free style except the last two backstrokes I threw in just for fun.  Hot tub, steam shower, and sauna finished with a lavish coating of coconut oil made my pool experience better than an expensive day at the spa!

Since we started healthier eating about 6 weeks ago, I lost 18 pounds and hubby lost  21 pounds.  SO FAR!  We generally lose about 1/2 pound per day, then stabilize for a few days, then start losing again. Making this change in our eating has not been difficult at all, except  learning HOW to uncook standpoint.

We start everyday with Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie

I pack a vegan salad for hubby’s lunch and include a packet of Chia seeds, Flax seeds, and nutritional yeast.  I add a small container of Grapeseed oil and Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar, a glass of tea (sweetened with Stevia), and a small packet of homemade trail mix

After my workout I cannot wait to get home and have a spring, lettuce, or nori roll with a smidgen of Tamari, spiralized veggies and avocado!

I take recipes from Amber Shea Crawley’s cookbook Practically Raw and Ani Phyo, Kimberly Snyder, and a multitude of vegan bloggers.  For more complete list of great chef’s and nutritionists and foodists, visit me on Pinterest


To your health,




I could hardly wait to share my recent accomplishments in the pool.  I am up to 16 laps (that is round trip of 32 single laps) and I am amazed how easy it is getting.  Attitude and self-talk is so important when I am swimming because it is easy to think “I can’t”.  I know the second I let my mind win that battle, the body will follow and I will flap my arms and gasp for breath as I paddle to the finish line!  I say things like,  “This lap is as easy as the first.  If you want to breathe, then breathe.  I am pain free.  I am free.  This is a dream come true.”

Actually, another club member inspired me to push myself to a higher goal.  A former Air Force officer, Herb is 73 years old and swims 16 laps then works out in the shallow water for another 30 minutes.  He used to run marathons, but spinal surgery took him off land and into the water.  After his workout he goes to work for 8 hours.  WOW!

Hopefully you will make your mind up to do something for yourself today!  I know I am fortunate (Herb and I said that about our membership at the club today), but you must not let money be an obstacle.  Local Y’s and even public pools and gyms are available and walking  is always free.  I noticed recreational facilities that offer exercise classes and swimming classes.  The point is, do something for yourself after all the years of doing for others, you deserve it!

Let me know if you want to chat about motivation or anything that I can talk about to help you with your quest!

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Subtle Changes

Good morning!  I hope your health is showing subtle changes since you embarked on your fitness journey and for those who follow just to see yummy recipes I find interesting, I hope you all enjoy and share some of your revisions, experiences, and/or opinions.

My personal journey continues to amaze me and hubby as we take turns spinning each other around to admire the changes in our bodies; those changes are what we call a side effect from being healthier.  I measure healthy a couple of ways, how I feel and how I look.  As for Hubby, he was taking high blood pressure medicine, and he is no longer taking it.  He is pain free from his autoimmune disease and soon to be medication free. He feels better than he can ever remember feeling!  That is a strong statement, but he is not one to exaggerate!  He has not started working out, but I hope to get him in the gym today.

I have had the biggest struggle between the two of us for reasons I discussed earlier, but the results are in and I am pleasantly surprised.  I work out about 5 days a week and I want to.  That is crucial for me.  I enjoy our gym and the pool and the sauna, but I really love fulfilling a lifetime desire to be a swimmer.  I am up to 12 laps from about 4 and I know I will soon swim a full hour instead of 30 minutes.  I feel good.  A fog is lifting and my mind is clearer than it has been in the past decade.  I like myself and the skin I am in, and that says a lot.

Now more than ever, I want to give this gift away and share it with others whose life is heading towards a rapid finale, hospital admissions, and mobility restrictions.  We are capable of so much more and we owe it to ourselves to remain independent.

Be inspired,


What Causes You to Feel Sleepy After Exercise? – Yahoo! Voices –

What Causes You to Feel Sleepy After Exercise? – Yahoo! Voices –


I exercise around 9 am after having 16 oz. Glowing Green Smoothie (Kimberly Snyder, CNS) and after one hour of exercise and an hour of hot tub, sauna, showers, and dressing, I am wiped out the rest of the day. I wondered why and I think this article at least confirms my suspicions.


Let me know if you have solutions or similar problems.



Why I will do Bikram yoga until the day I die

Perhaps this will help you understand the benefits of Bikram yoga.

Just here. Just now.

Yeah, I know. That’s a big statement. Especially for me.

I can have some bandwagon tendencies. I jump on and ride along for about six months until a more interesting wagon rolls on by.

This is different. Bikram is a keeper. Yoga is a lifelong practice for me and if I ever stop doing it, someone needs to kick my ass back on to the mat because I’ve temporarily lost my mind.

The spiritual aspects of the practice are infused so strongly into my life, that sometimes I forget to pay homage to the physical piece.

When I was 11 years old, I broke my back. I crushed three vertebrae between my shoulder blades and I got whiplash in my lower back. I was encased in a metal brace and I had to use a wheelchair if I needed to walk further than a few steps.

In time I healed…

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Starting over

My brain contains data of useless information along with 45 years of recipes.  Starting over and re-thinking food, learning what to eat, what not to eat, and then how to prepare foods raw, minimally cooked, or how to combine foods correctly is a major undertaking.  I took home economics classes throughout high school, lived with some of the best cooks of the day, and was head cook in my orphanage dorm when I was 15 years old.  So, why didn’t someone teach me I was doing it all wrong?

Most of my time now is spent learning what to eat, what to buy, how to combine foods, and how to prepare them.  I have to say, clean up is easier than scraping burned meat from a roasting pan, scrubbing a pot after making mashed potatoes, or discarding grease after frying something!  Knives, cutting boards, blender, and storage containers are my new allies in my vegan campaign.  

Learning not to count anything, calories or carbs, is like a new lease on life.  Oh, eating the most beautiful mousse made from beets and coconut milk is just one treat that made me feel guilty, but pounds are falling off every day for me and hubby.  I am not dieting and have no intention of doing so ever again, but I am focused on being healthy, looking healthy, and having energy; weight loss is just a natural side-effect.

Working out is no longer a chore, but a treat.  I am beginning to feel cheated if I cannot go to the gym everyday,  For me aquatics is the therapy I need for what I believe could be pain I could not cope with.

Yeah, I am really loving life!