8 Cruelest Foods You Eat | Yahoo! Health

8 Cruelest Foods You Eat | Yahoo! Health.



Whole Foods had farm raised salmon on sale, and curious that WF sold anything but wild caught, I asked the butcher, “Why does WF sell farm raised seafood?”

I was assured the method was the most sustainable; raised in a net instead of enclosed tanks, salmon thrive in a healthy, fresh environment; they just cannot swim long distances and they are bound for human consumption.

“Well, how do they die?  How are they killed?”

The butchers gather around and discuss the process.  “The net is lifted out of the ocean.”

“So they can’t breathe.   Do you think they struggle or just gladly sacrifice their lives so we can eat their flesh?”

They look helplessly at each other and the crazy woman trying to grasp what hormones and other secretions might be the salmons’ last payback to its human consumer.  I lean in and say, “We are what we eat, you know.”

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