Dear Fellow Travelers,

I broke 200 pages on my novel!  I still have about 40 pages to correct; I wrote 179 in first person present tense and realized I could not give vital viewpoints unless I wrote in third person.  Now I have a clear road map, thanks to Susan Malone, my editor.

Health matters have taken a surprising turn.  My thyroid and liver are giving me grief.

Kimbery Snyder released an article yesterday that spoke profoundly: “The thyroid is part of the fifth vishuddha chakra in the throat region, which is related to communication and self-expression. It is believed in yogic philosophy that keeping this energy area healthy is related to how openly and honestly a person expresses herself or himself. Repressed anger and other emotions or involvement in falsehoods (ie telling half-truths, or feeling deep down one is “living a lie”) can have negative energetic consequences that can manifest as physical ailments in this region of the body, including in the thyroid. The best way to correct this on an energetic level is to fully live your inner truth. Speak up, express yourself, and if something in your life isn’t right, take action to change it.”

Writing this novel based on my life story has stirred emotions!  Constriction in my throat has always plagued me and now dis-ease is manifesting.  Hopefully it is not too late to reverse negative communication.

One fellow traveler is re-parenting herself with this mantra: “You are a beautiful wondrous and brilliant gift to the world. You are my precious soul mate and I am so lucky to be a part of your journey. Be strong. Be a leader and go and become whatever you wish to be. I will be there right by you in this lifetime and every minute thereafter. I love you and that love is always there no matter what.”  I sent it to my daughter and plan on putting it on my computer and read daily.

Regarding the liver. I recently switched to a plant based diet and it is a natural detox, removing fats, sludge, toxins, medications, and who knows what else from my body.  In the process, I have developed border line fatty liver.  This is nothing to play around with.  I was advised to take probiotics and drink warm lemon juice to  support my liver during the process; that should have been a clue there could be repercussions!  Like the thyroid, the digestive system is impacted by emotions as well as what we eat, therefore, I believe my body is casting out its demons.

I find this purging interesting and I am confident I can handle it.  It is important that people know emotional and nutritional purging have stages and sometimes it can get ugly.

Let us know your experiences along these lines and know we can re-create ourselves.

To Your Health,


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