Fitness is not about weight; we all “know” that, but until we get “there” most of us look at the scale.  I dropped to 139.5 pounds from 159.5 pounds since I launched my attack on mediocrity, which was my state of mind mid January. Then the scales went up the next day to 140.5 I was okay with that.  Then the weekend trip (yes, the same retail therapy trip mentioned in an earlier post), I gained 5 pounds.  I am okay with that.

Has that happened to you?  Experienced and informed dieters know not to panic!  Here is what I did wrong.  No water!  Irregular elimination, well beyond the urge to go.  No exercise.  Two martinis (happy hour-I swear they were alcohol free!)  Two hour driving time.  Otherwise my diet was stable, I took Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast, http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2009/07/11/green-smoothie-recipe/ and her Acai Berry Chia Power Protein Smoothie for lunch.

This enforces how important it is for me to stay hydrated and take time to take care of myself.  I knew I was retaining water when I saw my ankles looking swollen.  Today, WATER, WATER, WATER, move, move, move, and workout!  20 laps.  I will weigh in tomorrow!  🙂

Stay healthy,


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    • Right! Crazy. I never weigh at night, or if I did, I would always weigh at night, do you agree? Once a day or better still, some say once a week.

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