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Another, but more affordable, way to SPIRALIZE!  Thank you, Somer @|6289|spirooli||S|e|10476634819&gclid=COzN8Y6y0a8CFUQRNAodiCPajw


I cannot download the picture, but the link above will take you there!


Thank you Somer! World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer: Kitchen & Dining World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer: Kitchen & Dining.


World Cuisine Spiralizer

Here is another Spiralizer (I guess I made that word up because spell check does not like it)!  This one was recommended by Dara Dubinet and passed on by

Spiral away!

Spirialing Out of Control Benriner Cook Helper Slicer: Home & Kitchen.

I got it!  The Benriner Spiralizer is my BFF.

Benriner Spirializer

Benriner Spiralizer challenges Chef Knives!  When I received my package, it was so feather weight I thought it was empty. When I opened the box I thought I had been ripped off; it looked like a toy. Then I started to read the directions and at first thought they were only in Japanese.  THEN, I inserted the blade upside down, I swear according to the directions!

It was not love at first sight, but now I hesitate to put her away so she sits atop the counter!

This is a must have for beautiful, quick sliced veggies!


Happy spiraling,


Keys to Turning On

I am enjoying my new Hybrid car, especially at the gas pump!  Another feature I particularly like is the keyless entry and driving; just walk up to the door with key in pocket and PRESTO the door opens.  Push a button and ZOOM the motor turns on.  It is fascinating to see how responsive this vehicle is, but I cannot say as much for my house.  In autopilot zone I approached my front door with key in pocket, but nothing happened as I stood puzzled staring at the unresponsive door.

That is how my body was at the gym; I was all geared up to work out but forgot a KEY component!  I skipped my Glowing Green Smoothie and opted for a quick apple as I dashed out the door and by the 8th lap in the pool, I started that downward spiral self-talk.  You all know the VOICE, “What are you pushing yourself for?  You don’t feel good, maybe you should slow down.  You can catch up tomorrow.”

I dragged myself out of the pool, not caring if anyone saw me step from the water to the 3 foot step without hands, I was not in the mood to show off, I just wanted to go home and wonder why my front door does not open.

I know the key to a good workout or even a day of work is to be properly fueled to get optimum performance.  I know.

Next lap,




I borrowed this great picture from random pictures of Acai Smoothies, but it looks just like my combination.

We often think citrus needs juicing, but blending (especially in a  Vitamix, is a great way to make it quick and full of fiber and nutrients often discarded in juicing.

2 cups coconut water

1 whole organic grapefruit, peeled (fresh or frozen)

1 whole banana (fresh or frozen)

1/2 – 1 packet Sambazon frozen Acai

1/2 organic lemon juice

Sweetener to taste (liquid Stevia or dates, for example)

Ice cubes (about 1 cup if mixed with frozen fruits, more if fruits are fresh)

Put everthing except ice cubes in blender and increase speed to High and add ice cubes.   Blend in Vitamix about 45 seconds, other blenders may take longer.