Veggie Patties

Veggie Patty

I loathe to call my creation a “BURGER” that conjures up visions of ground beef, but “KITCHEN SINK” comes to mind!  I reviewed many recipes but did not have exactly what was called for.  Regaining some of my confidence as a cook, I opened the fridge and pulled out left overs.  Here is a breakdown of what went into what we think are delicious


Cooked Quinoa (leftover Quinoa pilaf)

About 1/2 cup each 3 cooked beans (kidney, canneli, limas)

1/2 baked sweet potato

The rest is RAW








Almond Flour

Oat Flour (I used whole oats and made “flour” in my dry Vitamix container) 

Flax Flour








Put everything except flours in food processor and reduce to coarse texture, remove and mix in flours until manageable consistency.  Form into 1-2″ thick patties.


Although I think I can make a loaf out of this, I chose to pan fry just enough to heat through, I did not want to cook the added raw vegetables too much.  Burns easily, so keep heat medium and turn as soon as browned.


Cucumber Salad, (Cucumber, red onion, dill marinated in Apple Cider Vinegar) served on top of Arugula greens.

Sweet Potato baked “fries”

Top patties with avocado, tomato slice, and spirialized raw veggies.

Mustard and Ketchup  (use Organic made with real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup).

I should be embarrassed to publish this without exact measurements, but I literally threw in the kitchen sink and will never make this exactly the same again.

I overcame my VEGGIE PATTY intimidation!!

Enjoy making your own, it is really not hard to do, or go to Wendy’s link I used to get a picture of Quinoa Patties!

Happy fooding!


5 responses

    • Thank you! I even had leftovers today and put a couple of tablespoons veggie mixture in a spring roll, added raw spiraled veggies, avocado, and Braggs soy.

      I appreciate the encouragement.

      BTW, I am about to embark on dehydration and question the dipping pre-treatment method using sulfur. Do you have knowledge of this process, or know anyone who does. Is sulfur really something I want to ingest?

      Thank you,

      • I had a dehydrator ages ago (it died) and never used sulfur. Is that in your instruction manual? I know that commercially dried foods sometimes use sulfur, but I own a few raw food cookbooks and none of them mention sulfur anywhere in the dehydrated recipes. I’m pretty sure you can go without. Your dehydrated goods may not look as pretty or stay fresh for as long as store bought, but I would be totally okay with that! I will do some more research and get back to you.

      • I agree with you 100%! I found a positive article about sulfur and posted it as well.

        Dipping preserves color, nutrients, and texture, according to Excalibur’s Dehydration guide.

        Now to page 5!

        I appreciate your feedback so much; it is a disadvantage not having a house full of women to just ask! Makes me appreciate BLOGS and great women who take time to share.

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