Dehydration Pretreatment

I just received my Excalibur dehydrator and besides being huge, I am excited about this method of food prep.  However, I read that Pretreatment has some benefits and one method of pre-treatment is Dipping in sulfur mixture.  Sounds awful!

Is this safe?

Puzzled in Baltimore!

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  1. Found this for you :0)

    Pretreatment is not necessary for successful drying, but it can enhance the color, flavor, and texture of certain foods.
    Pretreatment options include dipping, blanching, marinating, and sulfuring.
    Pretreatment affects the enzymes, a group of special proteins that cause chemical reactions-ripening and eventual spoilage-and determine the color, texture, flavor, and aroma of certain foods. The microorganisms that cause spoilage need moisture to live and reproduce. Drying foods above 140°F halts enzyme activity.
    Foods also contain simple yeasts, molds, and bacteria, all of which can cause deterioration. Again, reducing the moisture content of food inhibits their growth. When dried, vegetables contain only about 3 percent moisture, and fruits, depending upon sugar content, up to 15 percent water.

    What is sulfuring?

    In the most simple definition, sulfuring helps to preserve the color of some dried foods, like apricots. Fumes from burning sulfur or gaseous sulfur dioxide penetrate the surfaces of foods before they are dried. I do not sulfur the foods I dry. I do not believe that it is necessary when drying foods in an electric food dehydrator. Sulfuring is mainly used as a pretreatment when foods are dried out-of-doors.

    • Great research! Interesting note about drying out of doors.

      Fumes are just not my thing and I read if one had respiratory diseases, he.she should not use sulfur.

      Thank you again (I need to find another way to say that!)

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