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  1. You are a sweetheart! I have to confess though, it REALLY is much better then Amande (commercial overly sweet vegan almond yogurt)!

    • It is so much fun to share! I just read your blog and love it! I pinned you on Pinterest; if you are not using Pinterest, you may want to look into it, although with your family and current blog, it amazes me how you get it all done, so one more may be too much.

      • Organization is why I did it, no way to keep up with everything on any other site, as far as I can tell. Pinterest is also easy to use.

  2. I totally forgot, there are instructions in the yogurt post about using your dehydrator. I’m not quite sure how the Excaliber works, but the yogurt needs a constant temperature of about 90 degrees! Good Luck!

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