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  1. we love quinoa! I make a curried version with 1/2 t. cinnamon, 1 t. ginger, 1/2 t. turmeric, 1/8 t. cayenne, 1 t. cumin and 1/4 t. coriander that is to die for! You just saute a chopped onion, the spices AND 1 C. dry quinoa until the onion is translucent, Add 2 C. veggie stock to cook the quinoa, cover and cook for 20 minutes, stir in some frozen peas and fresh cilantro. To die for!

    • Thank you! I will make it tonight!

      I made a version with about 6 veggies, including black lentils, but I did not spice it and I cooked the quinoa. It was really good, but boring.

      • Let me know what you think! I pair it with some baked tofu or some sauteed kale and garlic. Can’t get much tastier!

      • Kale is my new friend! I am waiting for my Excalibur dehydrator to make kale chips, among many other raw foods.

        BTW are you all finding it hard to find elephant kale? WF in Baltimore has not had it is about 3 weeks.

        Keep cooking!

      • Oh I’m so jealous. I all ready bought a blendtec, a yogurt maker (to make almond yogurt http://goodcleanfood.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/almond-or-cashew-milk-yogurt/ ) and a multitude of other kitchen devices to help me on my vegan journey, excaliber has gotta be on the christmas list!

        I’ve never had elephant kale. I usually buy dinosaur, red or curly. The elephant variety sounds interesting!

        I love your blog and enthusiasm for fitness at your age. My mom is 72, medication free, runs 4 miles every day and weighs less then I do. Proof that aging doesn’t mean falling apart and being confined to a Lazy-Boy! Love it. I read a runner’s world article about a man that is 100 who ran the London Marathon. If I can find the online version I will send it to you. So inspiring!

      • Yes, I have to admit, Christmas came early. My kitchen has evolved as my vegan and raw quest evolves. I think I am done, but not everyone has to do it all, just compulsive ones like myself!

        I have to try that yogurt—oh, wait, I cannot without the yogurt maker!

      • You can totally make it without a yogurt maker, all you really need is the starter, and a thermometer. I only bought the yogurt maker because I thought it would make things easier, it doesn’t really…

        Make the batch and cover it and put it in a food cooler lined with fleece blankets and put the cooler lid back on.

        If you do that at night, your yogurt will be ready in the morning!

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